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Wed 01 March 17

Injured seafarer from Maersk Nienburg


Weymouth ALB launched at the request of the NMOC to evacuate an injured seafarer from the container vessel Maersk Nienburg on passage from Antwerp to Cartagena, Spain.
The vessel was in a position 20’ SSE of Portland Bill.

Once the Lifeboat launched the ship was requested to alter course to the North, and close the UK coast.

The Lifeboat arrived on scene in a position 9’ South of Portland Bill. 2 RNLI crew members, first aid equipment and stretcher were transferred to the ship. A full assessment of the casualty was undertaken, and the person secured into the stretcher for the transfer to the Lifeboat.

Once casualty, crew & equipment had been recovered from the ship, the Lifeboat made passage back to Weymouth. An ambulance was waiting on the Lifeboats return to take the seafare to hospital