ALB Launches, Weymouth

Fri 03 December 21

ALB launched to a 'Mayday' from 21' Angling boat


Time Out  2021-12-03 12:45:00

Time In  2021-12-03 16:15:00

Type  Angling Boat

Position  5' WNW Portland

Coxswain  Dan Stuttle

Mechanic  Lyle Stantiford


A tasking request was received from Solent Coastguard for the ALB to launch in response to a distress (MAYDAY) call from a 21ft fishing vessel broken down and in difficulties five nautical miles West of Portland Bill.
Weymouth ALB was launched on service and proceeded to the position given.
Once on scene the situation was assessed and the person on board was found to be fit and well. The casualty vessel was on passage from Teignmouth to Weymouth and had suffered engine failure.
A tow was connected and course set for Weymouth Harbour.
Once the tow had been established for a short while and with the agreement of the person on board the casualty vessel the MAYDAY was cancelled by Solent Coastguard.
The vessel was safely towed to Weymouth where it was placed on the waiting pontoon into the care of Wyke CRT. Appropriate safety advice was given to the vessel owner by the CRT.
The ALB was released and returned to station where it was refuelled and made ready for service.