ALB Launches, Weymouth

Wed 12 May 21

ALB launched to assist single handed yacht


Time Out  2021-05-12 10:15:00

Time In  2021-05-13 02:00:00

Type  Yacht

Position  11.5 miles SE Portland Bill

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Rod Britton


Coastguards requested the launch of the ALB to assist a single handed sailor on board a 31’ yacht suffering from electrical and engine failure.
The ALB launched and proceeded.
Once launched the position was given as 11.5’ SE of Portland Bill. The casualty vessel was sailing.
With an updated position of the vessel given by the coastguards it seemed the yacht was making good way to the NW.
The ALB observed a RADAR target at 6’ and then a single white light at around 3.5’ in the approximate position the casualty vessel was expected to be in.
The ALB closed the vessel and confirmed it was the yacht in difficulties.
ALB requested the yacht to follow the Lifeboat back towards Weymouth.
The casualty did this, and the ALB adjusted speed to remain approximately 0.25 miles ahead of the yacht.
At the entrance to the harbour a crewmember was transferred to the casualty to assist in the stowage of the sails and rigging of the alongside tow.
The sails were dropped and stowed, and the vessel towed up the harbour to a safe berth.
With the casualty safely alongside the Lifeboat was released to return to station refuelled , cleaned to Covid requirements and made ready for service.