ALB Launches, Weymouth

Thu 13 December 18

ALB launched to assist a person on a fishing boat


Time Out  2018-12-13 06:50:00

Time In  2018-12-13 10:10:00

Type  Medivac

Position  12' SW Portland Bill

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Phil Hansford


At 0622 Solent Coastguards requested lifeboat assistance to an injury person on a fishing vessel 12’ SW Portland.
The Coastguard helicopter had managed to lower there winchman to the vessel, but retrieval of the casualty had not been possible due to the weather and the layout of the vessel.
The helicopter had departed the seen to refuel at Lee-on-Solent.
ALB launched and proceeded towards Portland Bill to assess the sea state.
Once at the Bill the Lifeboat requested the fishing vessel to alter course towards the west side of Portland and not Weymouth Bay.
The ALB then made course to rendezvous with the vessel and was on scene in a position approximately 9’ SSW of Portland Bill.
The casualty was closed, and the situation assessed. Information from the coastguards indicated that the Helicopter would be back on scene at 0815.
The ALB and crew were made ready and briefed whilst awaiting the return of the helicopter.
With the helicopter on scene and due to the vessels layout, & condition of the casualty, it was decide to try to transfer the casualty in the helicopter stretcher and the winchman to the ALB, before lifting them to the helicopter.
The ALB closed the casualty vessels port side, and transferred the casualty in the stretcher to the foredeck.
Once this was completed, the winchman was then assisted aboard.
Once clear of the vessel, the casualty and winchman were assisted to the aft deck, and made ready for lifting.
The helicopter approached and a hi line passed to the lifeboat.
The medical bag was attached and lifted first. Once the hi line returned, the winchman connected the stretcher and himself, and was lifted clear.
The hi line was disconnected by the helicopter and retrieved on deck by the lifeboat crew.
With the deck secured and all items stowed, the ALB made passage back to Weymouth to be refuelled and made ready for service