ALB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 31 December 17

ALB launched to a disabled 80 metre cargo ship


Time Out  2017-12-31 18:15:00

Time In  2017-12-31 23:00:00

Type  Disabled cargo ship

Position  SSE Portland Bill

Coxswain  Tye Shuttleworth

Mechanic  Phil Hansford


NMOC requested lifeboat to launched to stand by a 80 metre cargo vessel suffering engine failure and dragging it’s anchor with 7 persons on board SE of Portland Bill.
The ALB was paged and launched.
Once on scene the situation was assessed.
The vessels was 4 miles from shore with a drift was 050 at 4 knots.
A tug was en route, with an ETA of tug 30 minutes.
The ALB monitored the vessels set and drift throughout.
The casualty had drifted to within 2 miles of the coast in 40 minutes, with the tug still not on scene.The ALB offered, should the need arise, to try to put a line onto the casualty to slow the drift.
After another 15 minutes the tug arrived on scene and started to prpare to connect a tow.
At this stag Swanage ALB was also tasked to act as safety cover due to the vessels position being SSE of St. Aldhelm Hd, and the likelihood of the casualty being towed to Studland Bay, East of Swanage.
The tug attempted 7 times to connect a tow to the casualty but for various reasons, including the casualty crew not pulling the main tow on board, were unsuccessful.
Swanage ALB arrived on scene just as the 8 attempt at connecting the tow was successful.
Once the tow had settled down, Weymouth ALB was released to return to station where it was refueled and made ready for service.