ALB Launches, Weymouth

Thu 27 September 18

ALB launched to assist a 15 metre fishing vessel


Time Out  2018-09-27 01:00:00

Time In  2018-09-27 07:00:00

Type  Fishing vessel

Position  17' SW*S Portland Bill

Coxswain  Tye Shuttleworth

Mechanic  Phil Hansford


Solent Coastguards requested lifeboat assistance to a 15 metre fishing vessel broken down and disabled 17’ SW*S of Portland Bill.
The ALB was paged, launched and proceeded.
Once on scene the situation was assessed, and a tow passed and connected.
The tow commenced back towards port.
At the entrance to the harbour the casualty was transferred to the lifeboats port side for the tow up the harbour.
Once safely berthed, the ALB was released to return to station