ALB Launches, Weymouth

Tue 20 October 20

ALB assists capsized fishing boat


Time Out  2020-10-20 08:50:00

Time In  2020-10-20 11:00:00

Type  Capsized fishing boat

Position  Portland Bill

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Jules Hutchings


ALB launched to a report of a capsized fishing boat with 2 persons in the water just South of Portland Bill
HMS Westminster which was in the area also proceeded to assist.
A life raft had automatically deployed from the upturned vessel and both causalities were seen by observers on shore to make it safely into the raft.
As the ALB approached the scene both casualties were being recovered from the life raft by a sea boat from HMS Westminster and during this process one of the casualties sustained a head injury.
Both casualties were then transferred onto the ALB
Casualty Care was commenced and it was confirmed that only two persons had been on the vessel at the time of capsize.
Shortly after this Rescue 175 arrived on scene and the winchman/paramedic was lowered onto the the ALB to assess the casualties.
It was decided that the older casualty who had received the head injury would be transferred to Dorchester Hospital via R175 and the the younger person who was cold, would be transferred ashore via the ALB.
The winchman and the first casualty were winched into R175 and the ALB returned to Weymouth Harbour where the second casualty was handed into the care of a SWAST ambulance team.
The ALB was refuelled, cleaned and made ready for service in line with Covid 19 requirements.