ALB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 20 August 17

14' speedboat found abandoned 10' SW Portland Bill


Time Out  2017-08-20 18:30:00

Time In  2017-08-20 23:00:00

Type  ALB launched to a 14' speedboat

Position  10' SW Portland Bill

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Kevin Goddard


ALB launched to a report the NMOC had received from a yacht on passage of a 14’ speed adrift with no-one on-board.
The ALB proceeded.
A down tide / wind possible positions was worked out on-board the Lifeboat and the ALB made passage to that point.
Once on scene the set & drift was checked and passed to the NMOC along with the on scene weather conditions.
The ALB then started searching back up tide for the vessel.
After approximately 1’ the craft was spotted and its position closed.
The immediate area of the vessel and the vessel its self was searched, with no obvious signs of distress.
The vessel was awash with water, the engine tilted up with a couple of fishing rods on-board. A mooring buoy was hanging over the bow, with another line going down into the water.
A grapple was used to get the line on-board the ALB.
The line was approximately 4 metres in length with a small anchor on the end, with no chain attached.
No crew were put aboard the casualty vessel due to the amount of water on-board, and the weather conditions.
A light tow was connected to the rope that had been attached to the anchor, and the weight was taken up.
Once underway the most of the water on board the casualty drained over the stern.
The tow continued to the entrance to Weymouth harbour, where the casualty vessel was brought alongside the ALB for the passage up the harbour to the waiting pontoon.
Several other identification marks were noted and passed to the NMOC, but no name was found.
With the vessel safely secured alongside in Weymouth, and Wyke IRT in attendance, the ALB was released to return to station, refuelled and made ready for service.