ALB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 08 October 17

Yacht with fouled propeller


Time Out  2017-10-08 23:50:00

Time In  2017-10-09 06:00:00

Type  Yacht with fouled propeller

Position  17' South Portland Bill

Coxswain  Trevor Brooker

Mechanic  Phil Hansford


ALB launched to a 11 metre yacht with 1 person on board, suffering from a fouled propeller with a large lump of net SSW of Portland Bill
Once on scene the ALB assessed the situation.
With no other apparent problems a tow was passed, and the long slow tow commenced back to the harbour.
At the harbour entrance the casualty vessel was secured alongside the lifeboats port side and towed up the harbour to the waiting pontoon.
Wyke Coastguard IRT assisted in the mooring of the vessel.
Once secure the ALB was released to return to station refueled and made ready for service.