ALB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 14 May 17

ALB launched to the assistance of a 7 metre yacht with engine failure & 2 persons on board off Portland Bill


Time Out  2017-05-14 13:52:00

Time In  2017-05-14 16:30:00

Type  ALB launches to a broken down yacht

Position  1' N

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Nigel Coulton


Weymouth lifeboat launched to the aid of a 7 metre yacht with 2 persons on board & suffering engine failure reported to be 1’ West of Portland Bill.
Once the Lifeboat rounded the Bill, the vessel was located 1’ N of the Bill close to shore and anchored.
The lifeboat closed the casualty to ensure there were no other problems on board.
With all well, a tow line was passed to the casualty and the weight taken. The casualty then tried to recover his anchor without success, so it had to be cut.
The lifeboat towed the vessel to Weymouth, where it was brought alongside for the tow up the harbour to a berth alongside a pontoon in the Cove.
Wyke IRT attended the casualty vessel to assist with mooring and offer safety advice