ALB Launches, Weymouth

Sat 07 October 17

Broken down motor vessel South of Lyme Regis


Time Out  2017-10-07 13:00:00

Time In  2017-10-07 18:00:00

Type  Motor vessel

Position  15' West of Portland Bill

Coxswain  Trevor Brooker

Mechanic  Phil Hansford


ALB requested to launch to the aid of a 30’ motor vessel with 1 person on board and suffering engine failure W of Portland Bill.
ALB launched and proceed to the position.
A Brixham Fishing vessel had responded to a call and commenced towing the vessel.
Once on scene the situation was assessed.
The Fishing vessel dropped the tow line, and the ALB connect her tow to the casualty.
Due to the conditions on Portland Bill it was decided to tow the vessel to Lyme Regis.
On the passage towards Lyme one of the cleats on the casualty vessel gave way.
The tow was reconnected , with the casualty al;so being taken off the vessel onto the ALB.
Tow tow continued towards Lyme Regis.
Once closer Lyme Regis ILB arrived, and the tow was transferred to them.
The ILB tow the vessel into Lyme harbour, allowing the ALB to proced back to Weymouth where it was refuelled and made ready for service.