ALB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 29 August 21

ALB assists in Medivac of casualty with injured knee


Time Out  2021-08-29 10:35:00

Time In  2021-08-29 13:10:00

Type  Medivac

Position  Worbarrow Tout

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Rod Britton


ALB launched to assist Kimmeridge and Lulworth CRT’s with the evacuation of a person with an injured knee at the base of Warborrow Tout.
Once on scene the Y boat was launched and proceeded into the rocky position where the casualty was located.
A Paramedic on scene had stabilised the casualty before the Lifeboat arrived.
The casualty was transferred to the Y boat for the short journey around to the pebbled beach at Warborrow
Once on the beach the casualty was taken by the coatsguard to an awaiting vehicle and onwards to Hospital.
The ALB recovered the Y Boat, returned to station where it was refuelled and made ready for service.