ALB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 16 September 18

Both boats launched to a diver


Time Out  2018-09-16 15:45:00

Time In  2018-09-16 15:45:00

Type  unresponsive diver

Position  8' SE Weymouth

Coxswain  Trevor Brooker

Mechanic  Jules Hutchings


NMOC requested launch of both boats to a dive vessel that had issued a Mayday reporting an unconscious diver that had surfaced and to other divers that were still in the water. The ILB met with the dive vessel and two crew transferred to the dive boat to assist with CPR. The Coastguard helicopter also placed a paramedic aboard who supervised treatment. The dive vessel headed to Weymouth Harbour escorted by the ALB and ILB to meet with SWAST units, the Police and a doctor from the Air Ambulance.