ALB Launches, Weymouth

Mon 10 July 17

Both lifeboats launched to search for a missing swimmer


Time Out  2017-07-11 00:01:00

Time In  2017-07-11 06:50:00

Type  Search for missing spear fisherman

Position  Ringstead Bay

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Matt Green


Both Lifeboats launched to a report of a missing spear fisherman at Ringstead Bay
Wyke & Lulworth CRT’s Police and Coastguard helo 175 also tasked.
A shore fisherman had found a dry bag on the beach at the Eastern end of Ringstead Bay that contained personal item and a SMB which had been traced back to an individual whose car was found to be in the car park at Ringstead.
Both Lifeboats conducted a shore line search from Osmington to Worbarrow Tout, with the ILB checking inside the ledges, Lulworth Cove & close to the shore.
Once this had been completed the lifeboat searched further off shore in a parallel search, but in separate areas.
Swanage ALB was also tasked to search off shore.
With nothing found the ILB was released first after completing her search area.
Once the ALB had completed her area it returned to Ringstead to conduct a further shoreline search to Bat’s Head.
With nothing found the ALB was also released to return to station, refuelled and made ready for service.