ALB Launches, Weymouth

Wed 11 March 20

Both Lifeboats tasked to aid search for missing persons


Time Out  2020-03-11 19:15:00

Time In  2020-03-11 20:50:00

Type  persons lost

Position  Redcliff

Coxswain  Dan Stuttle

Mechanic  Andy Tattersall


NMOC requested the launch of the ALB and ILB to assist in the search for two casualties who had found themselves lost and disorientated when night time set in on the coast near PGL Osmington. When on scene, the two casualties were located by the lifeboat with the assistance of torches on the casualties phones. The ALB utilised their search light to pinpoint the casualties and feedback position information to the CRT. Once the CRT had located the casualties and confirmed they were well, the lifeboats were released from service. The lifeboats both returned to stations and were refuelled and made ready for the next service.