ALB Launches, Weymouth

Wed 27 May 20

Both Lifeboats launched to search for a missing spear fisherman


Time Out  2020-05-27 19:50:00

Time In  2020-05-28 06:30:00

Type  Missing spear fisherman

Position  Church Ope Cove

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Andy Tattersall


NMOC requested the launch of Weymouth Lifeboats following reports of a missing male, 17 who was over due from snorkelling in the church ope area on Portland.

The ALB was launched and proceeded to the search area where they were requested to undertake a shoreline from Little beach to Fresh water bay 0.5nm from shore stepping off 0.2nm per leg. A local fishing vessel assisted the ALB in this initial search. A surface marker buoy (believed to belong to the missing snorkeler) was located in the Church Ope area by the ILB prior to the ALB’s arrival on scene.

On completion of 5 legs with nothing found, the ALB was given a new search pattern. Over the following 9 hours parallel track searches were completed in coordination with war ships HMS Chiddingfold, HMS Westminster and Swanage lifeboat.

CG and navy helicopters and at first light a fixed wing also extensively searched the area.

The ILB returned to station at 0612 in order refuel, crew change and resume the search.

Upon arrival at the lighthouse it was requested that the the search expanded to the west, with a shoreline search to Blacknor. On arrival at Blacknor at 2330 the NMOC asked the ILB to retrace steps through the searched ground on route back to Weymouth. Upon transiting Church Ope the Portland CRT requested a few more localised areas were searched following receipt of new information, nothing was found.

The search on the 27th was undertaken in coordination with multiple assets including the ALB, 2 CG rescue helicopters, 2 Navy war ships and 1 navy helicopter and local vessels.

The ILB was released at 0050 in order to refuel, change crew and resume search at first light.
50.48297, -2.48247