ALB Launches, Weymouth

Tue 15 November 16

15 Year Old Boy Missing


Time Out  2016-11-15 03:30:00

Time In  2016-11-15 05:30:00

Type  Missing Person

Position  Bowlleazes / Osmington

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Phil Hansford


Both lifeboats launched to assist in the search for a 15 year old boy missing from London.
2 coastguard cliff teams, Coastguard rescue helicopter, police and Dorset Search & rescue volunteers (DORSAR) also tasked

Lifeboats requested to conduct a shoreline search between Bowleaze Cove & Osmington Mills.
The ILB completed a close ashore sweep, with the ALB maintaining a distance of 0.2’ from the shore. On completion the ALB stepped off 0.2’ and returned towards Bowleazes.

With nothing found, and no new information the Lifeboats were released to return to station, refuelled and made ready for service.