ALB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 09 July 17

Both Lifeboats launched to a Mayday call


Time Out  2017-07-09 18:25:00

Time In  2017-07-09 20:45:00

Type  Mayday from a small vessel

Position  Weymouth bay

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Jules Hutchings


ILB launched at the request of the NMOC to a report of a ‘Mayday’ from a small white vessel, with a black engine whose bow chamber had lost pressure and taking water 1.5 miles from the harbour with 2 persons on board.
2 local vessels also responded to the call.
When the ILB arrived on scene, and with nothing found, the helm requested the ALB to launched to assist with the search and with DF capabilities in case the vessel called again.
The ILB commenced a structured search, with the other 2 local vessels towards the NE, asking any vessels encountered if they had seen anything.
Once the ALB launched, it commenced a search from the harbour to Bowleaze, and along the shore to Ringstead following a lead from a vessel the ILB had talked too.
At Ringstead a small vessel inform the ALB that they had seen a small white vessel with a black engine & 2 persons on board with ‘wheels on’ at the Eastern end of the Bay about 60 minutes previous. The ALB requested the ILB to close the area & talk to persons seen on the shore.
With several people spoken to and no new information the ALB commenced a line abreast search from Ringsted, towards Portland harbour working to the NW.
NMOC also tasked Wyke CRT to search the harbours.
With the search complete and no further information received, all units were stood down to return to station.