ALB Launches, Weymouth

Tue 06 July 21

Both lifeboats launched to a report of a kayak with 2 persons onboard


Time Out  2021-07-06 17:42:00

Time In  2021-07-06 19:10:00

Type  SUP

Position  Portland Harbour

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Andy Tattersall


Solent Coastguards requested lifeboat assistance to a report of a kayak with a mother and daughter onboard being blown off shore in the area of Sandsfoot.
ILB launched and proceeded to the area.
Wyke CRT also tasked.
More information received stated the 2 people were approximately 0.5’ NE of Smallmouth and had been seen by a kite and windsurfer who stated they did not communicate with them very well and had been told they were too far off and to head back to shore.
Both informants had to go shore to raise the alarm.
ILB undertook an initial search of the area and with nothing found requested the launch of the ALB to assist.
The ILB continued to conduct a search of the moorings, and yachts along with the inside of the first arm of Portland breakwater.
Once the ALB arrived on scene it conducted a search parallel to the shore just outside the moorings stepping off 0.25’ each leg.
The ILB also searched the second arm of the breakwater.
With nothing found, and with no more information all units were released to return to station where they were refueled, cleaned to C19 protocol and made ready for service.