ALB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 12 July 20

ALB launched to person with injured finger


Time Out  2020-07-12 16:25:00

Time In  2020-07-12 18:10:00

Type  Medivac

Position  Worbarrow Bay

Coxswain  Ian Taylor

Mechanic  Rod Britton


Solent Coastguard requested the launch of the ALB to a casualty that had sustained a severed finger during anchor operations and had lost consciousness. The original reported position was Worbarrow bay and ALB was to meet the yacht on route to Weymouth.

The yacht was intercepted approximately 1.5nm S of Durdle Door. The casualty was then transferred to the ALB and found to be conscious with the injured hand well bandaged and bleeding controlled. The casualty was brought back to Weymouth harbour and transferred to the Ambulance.

ALB was then refuelled, sanitised and made available for the next tasking