ALB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 26 December 21

Both Lifeboat lunched to a report of a person in the water


Time Out  2021-12-26 16:35:00

Time In  2021-12-26 17:40:00

Type  Person in the water

Position  Durdle Door

Coxswain  Tye Shuttleworth

Mechanic  Rod Britton


Boxing Day at 4.22pm Solent Coastguard requested that Weymouth RNLI Inshore lifeboat launch to Durdle Door. A person had been reported of being suspected of attempting to jump into the water.
Seven minutes later, as the light was fading, the request was made for the All-weather lifeboat to join the Inshore lifeboat.
The Inshore lifeboat arrived on scene at Durdle Door only to find that the alarm had been raised because of a ‘base jumper’ who had jumped from the headland and landed safely on the beach. At 4.59pm the All-weather lifeboat which by now was half way across the bay was turned around and both lifeboats were stood down and returned to station.
On return to station both boats were refuelled and made ready for the next shout at 5.37pm.