ALB Launches, Weymouth

Wed 10 June 20

Busy afternoon for towns Lifeboats


Time Out  2020-06-10 15:00:00

Time In  2020-06-10 19:00:00

Type  person falling from cliff & sailing vessel issuing Pan Pan

Position  Portland Race

Coxswain  Karl Sargent

Mechanic  Andy Tattersall


Solent Coastguard requested that Weymouth RNLI all-weather and Inshore lifeboats launch at approx 3pm on Wednesday 10th June to possible be used in the extraction of a woman climber who had fallen from a cliff on Portland and was severely injured.
The Inshore lifeboat arrived on scene at 3.20pm. But before the all-weather lifeboat arrived on scene it was decided by the Coastguard cliff rescue teams involved with the rescue, that due to the difficult terrain to get to the shore line for a transfer, that a helicopter and not lifeboat would be the best and safest means of rescue.
With this information both lifeboats were stood down and returned to Weymouth Harbour at 3.50pm.
Just as the all-weather lifeboat was coming alongside its berth in the harbour, news came in of a Pan Pan emergency call from a yacht in difficulties in Portland race. The lifeboat immediately turned around and headed back to Portland Bill. On arrival it was found that an 11m yacht was stuck in the middle of the notoriously rough waters of the race.
Having established that the two persons on board were safe and well the lifeboat guided the yacht, which was under motor and not sail, out of the race and into the calmer waters close into Portland.
They escorted the yacht as far as the entrance to Portland Harbour where the yacht was left to find its own way to a berth in Portland Marina.
The lifeboat returned to station at 7pm where it was refuelled and made ready for the next shout.