ALB Launches, Weymouth

Mon 29 June 20

Both Lifeboats launched to a person on Portland


Time Out  2020-06-29 17:40:00

Time In  2020-06-29 20:30:00

Type  missing person

Position  West side of Portland

Coxswain  Andy Sargent

Mechanic  Andy Tattersall


Both Lifeboats launched to assist in the search for a missing person on Portland.
Police helicopter and land units, C.G’ rescue teams, and ambulance were also on scene.
Once the ILB arrived it was conned onto the casualty, who had managed to gain access to a sea cave.
Due to its position amongst large rocks and inaccessible position, along with the large breaking swell, it was decided by the helm to be unsafe to attempted a rescue.
This information was passed to the NMOC and on scene units.
The CRT’s where discussing the possibilities of a cliff rescue when the C.G rescue helicopter and ALB arrived on scene.
The Helo formulated a plan of lowering their winchman onto the rocks to gain access to the cave and casualty. With this confirmed all units were requested to keep clear of the helo working.
with great teamwork, skills and determination the helo managed to lower their winchman at the entrance to the cave.
The casualty was assessed and lifted by the helo to the cliff top and awaiting ambulance and police.
With everyone safe and well, all units were released to return to station.