ALB Launches, Weymouth

Fri 04 September 20

ALB launches to assist a yacht with fouled rigging


Time Out  2020-09-04 16:32:00

Time In  2020-09-04 19:30:00

Type  Yacht

Position  East of Weymouth

Coxswain  Tye Shuttleworth

Mechanic  Andy Tattersall


NMOC requested launch of ALB to a 44ft yacht 103deg 7.5nm Weymouth, that had suffered rig failure of the starboard side and the engine had also failed. The yacht was crewed by 2 persons being able to continue to sail making nearly 6kts, but could not change tack. The concern was how they might control the vessel as they closed land and the harbour. It was clarified that the 2 persons were COVID free. The ALB was launched as both methods of propulsion on the yacht were compromised.
Upon arrival on scene, the vessel was advised by the ALB crew to lower the sails and secure them, and make ready to receive a tow. Weymouth Harbour gave permission for the yacht to be placed on mooring A3. Wyke CRT were requested.
The ALB then transferred the casualty alongside for the passage into the harbour and placed on the mooring where it was met by Coastguards. The ALB returned to station, cleaned as per COVID protocol and made ready for service.