ILB Launches, Weymouth

Fri 22 March 19

Both boats launched to search for a missing person


Time Out  2019-03-22 06:45:00

Time In  2019-03-22 09:00:00

Type  Missing person

Position  Weymouth Bay Harbour

Helm  Tim Anderton



NMOC requested ILB to launch to assist with the search for a missing person in the Weymouth Bay / Harbour area.
ILB paged and launched.
Coastguard rescue teams and Police also involved.
ILB searched Seafront from the Pleasure pier along the wall to the shore and back to the Ferry terminal inside of Weymouth Harbour. Then from the Stone pier to Newtons Cove, along the shore and first arm of Portland Breakwater.
The ALB also launched and searched from the Stone Pier Southwards, and then towards Portland breakwater.
All units stood down when casualty found safe and well