ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sat 10 November 18

Both lifeboats launched to numerious persons in the water


Time Out  2018-11-10 12:15:00

Time In  2018-11-10 14:20:00

Type  Kite & Wind surfers

Position  Portland Harbour

Helm  Nick Newman



Solent Coastguards requested Lifeboat assist to numerous 999 calls & several Maydays call stating there were numerous persons in the water from Kite Surfers and Windsurfers in Portland Harbour after a very strong squall had passed through.
DLA authorised the launch of both lifeboats.
Wyke & Portland CRT, Portland Harbour authorities Ribs, W&PNSA Safety Ribs and Coastguard Rescue helicopter 175 also tasked.
Once launched, the ILB proceeded to Sandsfoot Castle area, where it was reported a windsurfer was seen waving for assistance.
The ALB was asked to checked the area of Weymouth Harbour, as one of the initial Mayday gave Weymouth as the position
The ALB searched between Weymouth Harbour and the Northern Entrance to Portland, continuing the search inside Portland Harbour towards Bincleaves , then outside of the moorings towards the Sailing Academy.
The ILB searched between the mooring from Bincleaves to Smallmouth and onwards to the Sailing Academy.
With numerous safety vessels, Coastguards and Lifeboats involved, the area was quickly covered.
With nothing found, in the initial area the Lifeboats then searched all of Portland Harbour, the breakwaters, inside & out, along with Balaclava Bay.
Solent coastguards by then had confirmed all person were accounted for, and release all units to return to station.