ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 19 July 20

Both lifeboats launched to a search for a person in the water


Time Out  2020-07-19 22:50:00

Time In  2020-07-20 03:00:00

Type  Person in the water

Position  Church Ope Cove

Helm  Nick Newman



Both Lifeboats where launched to a report of a person in the water at Church Ope Cove, Portland.
Police units and helicopter where already on scene and had witnessed the person in the water and then lost sight of them.
Portland & Wyke Coastguard teams were also tasked
ILB conducted an initial search of the Church Ope area, with the ALB conducting a shoreline search from Balaclava Bay to Portland Bill.
Shore searches were conducted by C.G teams and police.
As time went on, the search afloat was widened, to include S & W of Portland Bill.
With nothing found, and no further information the search was suspended