ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 16 August 20

Medivac from shorline


Time Out  2020-08-16 15:40:00

Time In  2020-08-16 19:41:00

Type  Medivac

Position  Chapmans Pool

Helm  Nick Newman



NMOC requested lifeboat assistance to assist with the evacuation of a person wit a broken shoulder at Chapmans Pool.
Kimmeridge CRT & Ambulance service where on scene.
The ILB launched and proceded towards the given position.
Once on scene the ILB recovered the casualty and a paramedic from the shore just to the west of St Aldhelms Head, and landed them at the slipway in Chapmans Pool.
With the casualty safely ashore and with onward land transport, the ILB was rleased to return to station