ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sat 07 July 18

ILB launched to the assistance of a 17' boat


Time Out  2018-07-07 21:22:00

Time In  2018-07-07 23:15:00

Type  Angling boat

Position  NW Portland Bill

Helm  Lyle Stantitford



ILB requested to launch to assist a 17’ angling boat with 1 person on board, broken down and tied to a pot mark NW of Portland Bill
The ILB launched and proceeded to the area.
Once rounded the Bill. the vessel was located under tow by another vessel.
The situation was assessed, and the tow transferred to the ILB
The vessel was towed to Weymouth harbour inner slipway, and met by awaiting Portland Bill IRT.
Once safely alongside, the ILB was released to return to station.