ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 27 October 19

ILB diverted from exercise to a report of a person calling for help


Time Out  2019-10-27 09:59:00

Time In  2019-10-27 10:40:00

Type  Person calling for help

Position  Ferrybridge

Helm  Alice Higgins



ILB was diverted from exercise by Solent Coastguards to a report of a person shouting for help in the area of Ferrybridge.
The ILB arrived on scene to find a person on board a small fishing boat having capsized and lost his kayak.
The person had been in the water, and managed to get on board the boat.
The ILB assessed the casualty, who was found to be well, took him on board the ILB, and landed him safely ashore.
The kayak was located by another vessel, and transferred to the ILB, which landed it with the casualty.
ILB was released to continue their exercise.