ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 25 August 19

ILB assists converted fishing vessel in fog


Time Out  2019-08-25 09:30:00

Time In  2019-08-25 12:30:00

Type  Converted fishing vessel

Position  1.5' S Portland Bill

Helm  Tim Anderton



Solent Coastguard requested that the ILB divert from routine exercise to assist a single handed fishing vessel, lost in fog, 1.2nm S of Portland Bill. The vessel had been tracked by coastguard since the previous day due to its inconsistent course through English Channel.

The ILB diverted from exercise and was able to quickly locate the vessel in poor visibility. Once on scene it was confirmed that the skipper was well and in agreement to be escorted to Weymouth Harbour. The vessel was escorted to Weymouth where it berthed on the waiting pontoons and was met by the CRT.

The ILB was released from service and returned to its routine exercise before rehousing at station and being made ready for the next shout.