ILB Launches, Weymouth

Wed 19 June 19

ILB assists Coastguards with a Medevac


Time Out  2019-06-19 16:00:00

Time In  2019-06-19 18:30:00

Type  Medevac

Position  Freshwater, Portland

Helm  Lyle Stantiford



NMOC requested lifeboat assistance to an injured person at the base of the cliff at Freshwater, Portland.
Portland Bill Coastguards had attended the casualty and request the lifeboat to evacuate from the shoreline.
ILB paged and launched, taking a stretcher
Once on scene, the stretcher and lifejacket were passed ashore, and the casualty made comfortable and secured in it.
Once this was completed the casualty was transfer to the ILB, made comfortable and secure, the ILB made passage back to station.
Once at station the casualty was landed and taken to the crewroom.

The casualty’s friends collected the casualty and transferred by van to the local MIU.