ILB Launches, Weymouth

Tue 11 July 17

ILB launched to the aid of a broken down RIB & also to continue the search for a missing spear fisherman


Time Out  2017-07-11 11:05:00

Time In  2017-07-11 14:00:00

Type  Broken down RIB & search for missing spear fisherman

Position  Weymouth Bay

Helm  Tim Bean



ILB launched at the request of the NMOC to assist a Pacific 24 that had broken down whilst assisting in the search for a missing spear fisherman.
ILB arrived on scene but no vessel in sight.
A RIB was sighted under tow by another vessel approximately 1.5 miles away in the area of Ringstead Bay, which turned out to be the casualty.
The NMOC then gave the ILB instructions for a search for the missing fisherman that was within 100 metres of the casualty vessels reported position.
ILB conducted a search as requested & then a shoreline search from White Nose to Weymouth
With nothing found ILB released to return to station