ILB Launches, Weymouth

Thu 08 April 21

ILB launched to Kite surfer becalmed


Time Out  2021-04-08 18:30:00

Time In  2021-04-08 20:00:00

Type  Kite surfer

Position  Portland Harbour

Helm  Tim Anderton



Solent C.G requested lifeboat assistance to a report of a Kite surfer becalmed and unable to make shore.
ILB was paged and crew assembled and launched
Once on scene it was found the casualty had safely made shore unaided, but the coastguard unit on scene were concerned for several other kite surfers in the area.
The ILB checked the area and confirmed a safety RHIB was in attendance with the Kite surfers.
A separate Kite surfer made himself known and stated he would like some help to make shore.
The kite surfer stowed his kit, was taken on board the ILB and landed ashore.
The ILB was then released to return to station where it was refuelled, cleaned to C19 requirements and made ready for service.