ILB Launches, Weymouth

Tue 26 May 20

ILB launched to assist person with chest pains


Time Out  2020-05-26 16:00:00

Time In  2020-05-26 19:00:00

Type  Person with chest pains

Position  Mupe Bay

Helm  Tye Shuttleworth



NMOC requested the launch of the ILB to a female casualty with a suspected heart condition on Mupe bay. Access to the beach is inaccessible by ambulance, therefore, the ILB was requested to transfer the casualty by sea to Lulworth where the ambulance would meet them.

Upon arrival at Mupe, Lulworth CRT had already assessed the lady and concluded that a faster extraction was required by helicopter. One crew member from the ILB landed on shore and provided casualty care.

Coastguard rescue helicopter 175 from Lee-on-Solent was tasked. On arrival, their paramedic was winched onto the beach to make a casualty assessment, whilst the helicopter landed on the beach. The casualty was then evacuated by stretcher and flown to Poole.

Subsequently the ILB was stood down and returned to station to be made available for the next shout.