ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sat 30 May 20

ILB launched to assist with casualties from Tomb stoning.


Time Out  2020-05-30 17:18:00

Time In  2020-05-30 17:18:00

Type  Tomb stoners

Position  Durdle Door

Helm  Tim Anderton



HMCG requested the launch of the ILB to Durdle Door to assist multiple casualties who had sustained injuries whilst reportedly tombstoning off Durdle Door arch.

On arrival on scene the ILB was initially tasked to clear all swimmers from the water. Paramedics, Police and CG CRT were already on scene, with paramedics carrying out CPR on a casualty. The ILB was then asked to attend a further casualty 100m up the beach.

Two casualty care trained crew from the ILB landed ashore to attend to male . A casualty assessment was undertaken, and free flow 02 was given. The casualty was monitored until the paramedics arrived and took over primary care of the casualty.

The casualty was flown by CG helicopter 175 to Southampton. Two further casualties that had jumped were also sent to hospital, one by helicopter and one by ambulance.

ILB was stood down at 1815, returned to station and made available for the next service.