ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 30 May 21

ILB launches to Mayday from vessel on rocks


Time Out  2021-05-30 12:30:00

Time In  2021-05-30 14:33:00

Type  Vessel aground

Position  Outside Old breakwater Porland harbour

Helm  Alice Higgins



A tasking request was received from Solent Coastguard asking for an immediate launch of both ALB and ILB to a broken down fishing vessel with 3 persons on board in distress and aground on rocks at the North Entrance to Portland Harbour. The ILB was launched and made best speed possible to the scene which was the South (Hood) Entrance to Portland Harbour Once on scene it was found that the casualty had been pulled clear of the rocks by the Harbourmasters workboat and was under tow to Portland Marina. After checking the integrity of the boat and that all on board were safe and well the ILB escorted the tow to Portland Marina. The ILB was subsequently released to return to station where it was re-fuelled and made ready for service.