ILB Launches, Weymouth

Wed 05 February 20

ILB launched to assist small vessel


Time Out  2020-02-05 21:05:00

Time In  2020-02-05 23:00:00

Type  Motor vessel

Position  0.5 South Portland Harbour

Helm  Alice Higgins



Solent C.G’s requested Lifeboat assistance to a report of a 18’ motor boat broken down and at anchor 0.5’ S of the ‘Hood’ entrance of Portland Harbour.
ILB paged and launched.
Once on scene the ILB crew evaluated the situation. With all 3 occupants safe and well, and no other problems with the vessel, was decided to tow (with the skipper permission) the vessel back to its berth in Portland Marina.
A stern tow was rigged, and tow commenced. Portland Bill Coastguards were requested to attend at the marina.
The vessel was brought to an alongside tow at the marina entrance, and taken to its berth, were it was met by the coastguard team.
ILB was released to return to station were it was refuelled and made ready for service.