ILB Launches, Weymouth

Mon 22 January 18

ILB launches to assist yacht with engine failure


Time Out  2018-01-22 19:10:00

Time In  2018-01-22 20:30:00

Type  Broken down yacht

Position  Entrance Weymouth harbour

Helm  Karl Sarent



Weymouth Inshore lifeboat was launched at 7.20pm on Monday 22nd January to go to the assistance of a 42’ sailing training yacht which had suffered a total loss of power.
The yacht crew were under instruction from an RYA sail training instructor when the vessel with 6 persons on board lost power.
The yacht was met by the inshore lifeboat outside of Weymouth Harbour and escorted her as she sailed into the harbour.
When the yacht was well into the harbour a tow was established to enable the yacht to be put alongside a berth near to the Harbour Masters office.
With the yacht safely alongside the lifeboat returned to station at 8.25pm and made ready for its next service.