ILB Launches, Weymouth

Tue 20 August 19

ILB launched to possible Kite surfer in difficulties


Time Out  2019-08-20 19:25:00

Time In  2019-08-20 20:15:00

Type  Kite Surfer

Position  Ferrybridge

Helm  Tim Anderton



Solent Coastguards requested Lifeboat assistance to a report of a kite surfer in difficulties off Ferrybridge, Portland Harbour.
ILB paged, launched and proceeded.
Once on scene nothing untoward was found.
A kite surfer matching the first informants description was seen and approached.
The person stated he had gone out further than planned, but had walked back into shallow water unaided.
With no other person in distress, and with information from Portland Bill Coastguard Mobile ashore confirming this was the person the first informant had thought was in difficulties, all units where stood down to return to station.