ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 11 November 18

ILB launched to a report of a kite surfer in difficulties


Time Out  2018-11-11 13:30:00

Time In  2018-11-11 15:50:00

Type  Kite surfer

Position  Overcombe

Helm  Nick Newman



Solent Coastguards requested Lifeboat assistance to a reported kite surfer in difficulties having lost his kite off Overcombe.
The ILB was paged launched and proceeded.
Wyke CRT was also tasked, and the helicopter was being requested.
Once on scene, the ILB located a windsurfer in difficulties having suffered a broken mast. The windsurfer had gone afloat to assist the kite surfer in difficulties.
The ILB recovered the wind surfer and landed him safely ashore.
It was reported that the kite surfer was in a safety Rib 0.5’ offshore.
The ILB located the vessel, but the casualty was not on board.
The ILB requested the launch of the ALB due to the fact the casualty could not be found.
Coastguards received further information from a person ashore that they could see a person in the water approximately 800 metres further offshore.
ILB proceeded to the position given, finding and recovering the casualty from the water.
The casualty was then landed ashore at Bowleaze with Wyke CRT, before the ILB went back to recovered the casualties kite, approximately 1.5 miles off shore
Once recovered, the ILB was released to return to station.