ILB Launches, Weymouth

Wed 11 November 20

ILB recovers person adrift in a Liferaft


Time Out  2020-11-11 02:30:00

Time In  2020-11-11 04:15:00

Type  Person adrift

Position  Portland Harbour

Helm  Karl Sargent



NMOC requested Lifeboat assistance to a person adrift in a liferaft in Portland Harbour.
The casualty had inflated the raft on the shore at Smallmouth, and then boarded it before it was blown off the beach.
DLA Authorised the Immediate readiness of the ILB.
A crew were phoned, briefed, launched and proceeded to the casualties position.
Portland Bill Coastguard team were also paged.
The ILB located the liferaft and casualty.
With no other problems apparent, the casualty and raft were taken aboard the ILB.
They were then taken back to Smallmouth and handed over to the waiting Coastguards.
ILB was then released to returned to station where it was cleaned to Covid 19 requirements refuelled and made ready for service