ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sat 24 August 19

ILB assists with recovery of climber


Time Out  2019-08-24 21:25:00

Time In  2019-08-24 23:30:00

Type  Climber

Position  Red Crane

Helm  Alice Higgins



The ILB was requested to support Wyke and Portland CRT’s in recovering a climber who had become stuck at the end of a rope at Sandholes, Portland. The helicopter had also been tasked to the casualty.

Upon arrival and after an assessment of the situation it was decided that the best form of rescue was for the coastguard rope technician and casualty to be lowered into the ILB. In difficult conditions and fading light the ILB manoeuvred into a position below the overhang where the casualty and rope tech could be lowered. Once aboard, the climber and coastguard team member were transferred to Portland Marina where they were met by the CRT team.

The inshore lifeboat then returned to station and was made ready for the next shout.