ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 25 August 19

ILB assists with a person on Chesil beach


Time Out  2019-08-25 14:15:00

Time In  2019-08-25 16:30:00

Type  Person

Position  Inside of Chesill beach

Helm  Tim Anderton



Weymouth ILB was tasked to a 999 call reporting a casualty staggering and collapsing opposite the Army bridging camp on Chesil beach. Wyke CRT and the Coastguard helicopter were also tasked.

The on scene Coastguard helicopter were able to locate the casualty and inform the ILB on the exact position. The ILB transferred the coastguard rescue officers across the fleet to the casualty. The crew and CRT were able to assist the casualty into the ILB and transfer the casualty across the fleet to camp road. At this stage the ILB was released and casualty left in the care of the CRT.

The ILB was returned to station and made ready for the next shout.