ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 09 July 17

ILB launched to persons in the water


Time Out  2017-07-09 23:10:00

Time In  2017-07-10 00:15:00

Type  Persons in the water

Position  Weymouth Seafront

Helm  Lyle Stantiford



ILB launched at the request of the NMOC following a report from the police of 2 persons in the water on the sea front.
Wyke CRT also in attendance.
The casualty were described as violent and the ILB was not to approach.
Upon launching the ILB proceeded to the area of the Jubilee Clock. At this time the land units had lost sight of the persons.
Shortly after a person could be heard shouting for help in the area of the Pier Bandstand. The ILB quickly located the person, who was out of his depth, & in need of assistance.
The situation was assessed, and with no apparent danger to the ILB crew, the casualty was brought aboard the ILB. He was assessed & monitored, with a request to Solent C.G that an ambulance be requested with police also, to meet the ILB at Admiralty step on the Pleasure Pier.
A second person was then heard shouting for assistance. The ILB again located the casualty quickly, but this time the person was found to be in shallower water, enabling him to walk to shore. . The ILB did not recover this casualty, but encouraged him to walk to shore.
The ILB stood off until the shore based units had the person insight, and then proceeded to the Pleasure Pier. Once there, the first casualty was handed over to the awaiting police. At this time the second casualty had also been arrested by the police.
With all casualties ashore the ILB was released to return to station, refuelled and made ready for service.