ILB Launches, Weymouth

Wed 24 July 19

Both Lifeboats launched to reports of capsized kayakers


Time Out  2019-07-24 12:45:00

Time In  2019-07-24 14:15:00

Type  Kayakers

Position  Stair Hole Lulworth Cove

Helm  Karl Sargent



Weymouth RNLI Inshore lifeboat was launched at 12.47pm on Wednesday 24th July to reports of an unknown number of kayakers in trouble at Stair Hole near to Lulworth Cove.
Solent Coastguard had received a call from a third party reporting the incident. The information given was very sketchy as to location and numbers involved.
With further information mentioning multiple kayakers involved arriving, the Coastguard launched Weymouth All-Weather lifeboat at 1 pm and also the Rescue helicopter from Lee on Solent.
Once the Inshore lifeboat was on scene, after a short search and questioning of other vessels in the area it was established that there were only 2 kayakers who had been in trouble and they were now safely aboard another vessel.
With the news that the kayakers were safe and the area searched for other possible casualty’s all rescue assets were released and returned to station at 1.55pm. The lifeboats were then refuelled and made ready for the next shout