ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sun 30 April 17

Kite Surfer in Need of Assistance Weymouth Bay


Time Out  2017-04-30 09:00:00

Time In  2017-04-30 12:00:00

Type  Kite Surfer in need of Assistance

Position  Weymouth Bay

Helm  Karl Sargent



Weather E’ly 6

While on routine exercise the ILB was made aware by a kite surfer that a windsurfer had broken his mast and was in need of assistance.
The ILB informed the coastguards of the situation and closed the windsurfers position.

Once on scene the windsurfer stated he would be able to make the shore unaided.

The ILB remained on scene, and after a short period of time it became apparent that the windsurfer could not make sure unaided, and accepted the ILB assistance.

The casualty and rig was taken on board the ILB, and taken the Overcombe corner and landed ashore.

The ILB inform the coastguards of this, and continued their exercise.