News, Weymouth Lifeboats

Thu 01 August 19

Change of post at Weymouth lifeboat station


Malcolm Wright who has been the Lifeboats Operations Manager for Weymouth RNLI lifeboat station for the past 5 years has decided to step down from the roll of LOM.
However not wishing to break all ties with the station he will become a Deputy Launching Authority (DLA) instead.
The duties of the LOM are quite onerous and take up many hours of volunteering each week. The DLA’s role within the station is vital work, acting as the liaison role between the RNLI and the Coastguard. There are a number of DLA’s who work a rota of a week at a time so leaving more free time than that of the LOM.
Malcolm said; ‘It has been a more extensive role than I thought it would be and it has been challenging at times but always rewarding. The main thing I have enjoyed is working with the people at the station and the crew, it always amazes me how much time people are prepared to give up for such a good cause.’
Taking over the hot seat of LOM at Weymouth will be Nicki Ayling the first woman to hold the post. Nicki has a maritime background of many years at sea including being the First Officer of a super yacht and in fleet management including one of the biggest fleets of super yachts in the world.