News, Weymouth Lifeboats

Mon 13 January 20

Donation to Weymouth RNLI lifeboat station


Peter Antram visited the lifeboat station to hand over a cheque in memory of his late wife Carline Antram nee Sargent who was born and bred in Wyke Regis before moving away near to London in the 1970’s. However she never forgot her home town and her connection with the sea. As a young girl she was a keen swimmer with Weymouth Swimming Club and she also held a lifeguard qualification.
In recent years she suffered from a rare condition which led to her passing away early last year, not though, before she told Peter that she wanted to donate a substantial sum of money to the brave volunteer crews of Weymouth lifeboat station.
So Peter, wanting to carry out Carline’s wishes, made the trip to Weymouth where he met several of the crew including Coxswain Andy Sargent, who although sharing the same surname is no relation to Carline. Having met some of the volunteer crew Peter promised that he would be back again and would keep in contact with the station.

A RNLI spokes person said, ‘Donations and Legacies make up a large proportion of the money that we need to operate and we would encourage everyone to consider making a donation to the RNLI in their will.
Your legacy will be the lifeboat that ploughs through gale-force winds to reach people in distress, the training that keeps our crews and lifeguards safe, the protective kit they can rely on. Your legacy. Our lifeline.