News, Weymouth Lifeboats

Fri 26 July 19

Historic vessel arrives in Weymouth Harbour


HMS Pickle the Historic Motor & Sail, Top Sail Schooner has arrived in Weymouth Harbour.
She has come to Weymouth specifically to join in the parade of sail to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Weymouth RNLI lifeboat station which takes place of Sunday 28th July at 11o’clock in the morning. In the parade, she will be following up to 10 RNLI current and historic RNLI lifeboats into the harbour and then falling in behind HMS Pickle will be a fleet of yachts and motor cruisers and other craft including 5 gigs from Weymouth Rowing Club.
HMS Pickle is an exact replica of the original vessel which took part in the battle of Trafalgar and was the ship sent back to England with the news of the victory won by Lord Admiral Nelson.